Major Progress!

This was week eight of our hovercraft project and all major components are coming together. Here are Kobi and Quynh-Anh working on the rudders, which will deflect the thrust from the propeller to steer the hovercraft.  The rudders have a foam center wrapped in fiberglass for strength. With Speed’s help they are creating arms to connect the steering mechanism.



 Jagadamba and Aditi are gluing and sewing skirts, which are the black cylindrical cushions under the craft that hold in the air that lifts the craft up.  Some of the thrust from the propeller is directed under the craft to inflate the skirt and provide lift.


Trish and Isaiah are building the duct that goes around the propeller for safety and to increase the propellers efficiency. They are using a plywood plug that represents the spinning propeller to make the shape.


Julian and Aditi are removing the mechanical throttle from the engine so that we can add a manual throttle.  First, they had to figure out how it worked….


And everybody making sure that the seat will fit enough little people.

So all the major pieces are coming together. The deck is done, the airbox is done and mounted, the duct is under construction, the rudders are almost finished, the seat is done, the engine mount is halfway done, and the skirts are cut, glued and being sewn.  The next few weeks will be final assembly and painting. We will let you know about launch day!