3D Printing Class 1 !

Class 1/ 3D Printing Class!

We have 6 students learning how to use a 3D printer with our wonderful teachers Ari and Miles from Viscera Studio.  Viscera Studio is a store in downtown Oakland selling American Made clothes and 3D printed Jewelry designed by Ari and Miles!  Check them out here: http://viscerastudio.com/

Ari + Mile's plan for this class is to inspire the students to make whatever they want using the 3D Printer.  A starting point for today was figuring out WHAT a 3D printer can do, HOW it does it and HOW do you design for 3D printing? Students had to play a guessing game with various objects - figuring out are they 3D printed or not? They then used plasticine in different techniques to look at the creation of 3D objects - including coil pots - to compare their hand made ideas with the computer generated machine-made object printing alongside them. What I loved about this was Ari + Mile's efforts to bring out the creativity and imaginations of their students as they were prototyping their plasticine pieces.

The class ended with the students brainstorming all kinds of ideas for things they could create using the 3D printer. Their homework is to figure out which of these ideas they want to pursue in the upcoming classes! Next week they will learn sketchup to bring these ideas into reality!