We hope these workshops will give kids the skills and confidence to dream up and build their own projects







Saturdays April 9th - April 23rd: 1.30pm - 3.30pm at Jack London Improvement District, Oakland>>

Over three sessions we will go from sketches to working, computer-controlled, table-top creations which can dance, squirm or maybe even jump. Our robots will have personality and their mission is to surprise us. We will use craft materials, technology, and simplified computer programming to make these little ‘bots. At the end of the last meeting we will make a short video of each creation doing its thing.

No experience is expected, all materials supplied. Everyone is welcome and kids with a love of drawing, animation, machines and/or computers will enjoy this class.

Ages 6-9

Run by Tellart: http://www.tellart.com/


CLASS 3: Customize your outfit using a 3D printer

with Studio Viscera, Mondays 5.30pm-7.30pm, Starting January 11th 2016
Customize any item of clothing you like, by designing and 3D printing objects.  Switch up your shirt with your own wonderful buttons! Build a zipper-pull for your hoodie, create a toggle for your backpack, or trinket for your necklace.  If you can dream of it - you can create it!
Participants will learn design thinking, an intro to 3D CAD programs, and will 3D print their own object to take home.   Professional designers from Viscera Studio will guide you through the process.
Duration: 4 Weeks, 2 Hours per class
Ages: 8-12 years
Cost: $65 per student
Parents are welcome to participate.

CLASS 4: Build a parklet!


CLASS 1: Build a Rideable Hovercraft (Aug 2015 - Nov 2015)

CLASS 2: Project Rooftop at Covenant House (October 2015 - )

Workshop Descriptions:

Build a Rideable Hovercraft

In this course we will build a Universal Hovercraft UN-6 trainer.  This is a real, gas powered hovercraft that can carry a passenger load of 250 pounds.  Students will learn the basics of fiberglass and wood construction, mounting an engine, the mechanics of the hovercraft and best of all, get to ride it at the end of the class.

DIY RC Airplanes

Using the  Brooklyn Aerodrome Bible for Hacking the Skies, students will build remote-controlled airplanes from low-cost components and foam board.  These planes are fully aerobatic and a great way to introduce RC controls.

Backyard Ballistics

In this course we will build three projects from the book Backyard Ballistics by William Gurstelle. The final project will be an air cannon to launch a small rocket with with a GoPro camera on board to record the adventure.

Bling Your Ride

In this class students will use Adafruit’s Neopixels with a small FLORA or GEMMA controller to create decorations for a bicycle, skateboard, purse, hat or other object.  Neopixels are bright, multicolored, programmable LEDs on a strip that make it easy to create vibrant visual effects.  Students will learn the basics of programming in the Arduino interface.  No prior programming experience is necessary.

Introduction to 3-D Design and Printing

In this course students will learn the basics of designing in Tinkercad (a free, simple and surprisingly powerful CAD software) including creating, moving, scaling, rotating and grouping objects.   We will also explore how a 3D   Printer works and the inherent limitations of 3-D printing.   Each student will have the opportunity to create a new invention and print it on a 3D printer.


Each student will take apart a mechanical object such as a blender, mixer, toaster,  hard drive etc.   The students will examine each part to determine its purpose and complexity (a Framework invented by Agency by Design).   At the end of class, students will do a short presentation describing how the object works and, if it was broken, what was likely wrong with it.

Paper Engineering

Pop-up books look magical, but there is serious engineering behind them.  In this class,  students will examine and deconstruct several common pop-up methods.  They will then write a short story and animate it using hand made pop ups.  We will use a Cricut paper cutter to digitally create more complicated pop-ups.

Inventing Interactive Objects

Ever wonder how the grocery store door opens when you get near it?  Or how your car beeps if you get near something backing up?  In this class, we will build a small interactive toy as a way of learning about the world of programming,  microcontrollers and various sensors.