Oakland is full of exciting creative professionals designing, making and manufacturing things. 

We want to tap into that immense and wonderful resource by enabling local professionals to create fun, hands on maker classes for local youth.

We see this relationship as mutually beneficial for both the kids and professionals.


  • The revelation that they can change the world 
  • Access to space, tools and expert advice
  • Creative challenges
  • Role models and learning pathways
  • Problem solving skills and discipline
  • New skills and processes
  • Confidence!


  • Sharing what they know with their community
  • Inspiring a new generation of creative makers
  • Incubating and testing their ideas, products and processes
  • Learning from other learners
  • Glowing in the energy of youth
  • Remembering how lucky they are to create for a living!

Are you a local creative professional who thinks what they do all day could translate into a super fun, enabling class for youth??

(Hint: You probably are! )

Please get in touch!

Ways you can help:

  • Time and creative energy - Design a workshop!
  • In-kind donations
  • Donations

Creative partnerships:

  • JLID